My approach to life has been primarily shaped by the challenges I faced while growing up in Nigeria. Hence, I have always felt the need to make effort or contribute to causes that are geared towards making myself and my society better.



In 2010, I was elected president of the Association of Mass Communication Students (AMASCOS) at Delta State University, Abraka by my colleagues. As president of AMASCOS, I engineered the first cultural themed welcome event in 2011 to induct new students into the department of mass communication


2013: NYSC "Spelling Bee" Competition

In 2012, I was again elected president of the NYSC Editorial Board. In 2013, I and my team at the National Youth Service Corp public relations office in conjunction with The National Orientation Agency (NOA) in Nigeria organised and sponsored a spelling bee competition among high school students in the Edo State Capital, Benin City. 

2014: International Discussion Forum

In my University Dom, I initiated an international platform dedicated to intercultural communication at the University of Technology, Ilmenau. In collaboration with the Student Council (StuRa) and ISWI in Ilmenau, it has grown to become the most extensive outreach for international students in the university community.


2015: Ilmenau

"All work and no play", you know the rest..... To cut the long story short, I love playing football. If you are American, thats "soccer". And yes, I have led and played in several teams and have won alot.


2016: Bochum

As Director of Socials and Sport of the NGO, NiSIG Germany, I was directly responsible for putting together logistics of the NiSIG National Summit in 2016 which held in Bochum. Alongside other executive members, we successfully organised the most significant events for Nigerian professionals in Germany


2017: Ilmenau

On November 2nd, 2017, I successfully defended my master thesis and completed my Master Degree at the Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany. At the graduation ceremony in January 2018, I received an award for my effort toward promoting intercultural communication at the university.


2018: Life at Sandoz

Career journey